Go to Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University to achieve your life goals

Средства фармакологической профилактики

If you feel a real passion for medicine, ready to devote all your future life to treat patients, then you need to decide who will be your mentors. Those people must necessarily have professional skills, a lot of successful experience in their medical sections. Perfect examples are doctors of medicine, PhD in medicine, science academics. Besides a strong theory, educational institution should provide a lot of practices and illustrative examples. You have to agree that not every European medical university can provide all necessary conditions for your further development in the medicine direction. And what about the cost which is paid per sessions? It seems that too many factors are withstood your destiny.

Unless, you can take a chance and be happy and successful doctor the rest of your life. Are you ready? Future doctors, meet Ivano Frankivsk state Medical University. It’s perfect place which contains of all undeniable factors that can help you to achieve professional goals. You will be pleased because this university does not require the strict demands to admission students. This structure is well recognized on international level, so educational standards are equal to the European level.


University affords fluent and comprehensive medical education for Ukrainian, Russian and foreign student, who speak in English. During the studies, all students can make a limitless number of useful acquaintances including members from World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations, Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, other European institutions and all higher educational institutions in Ukraine. The main benefits ofIvano Frankivsk Medical University are:

    • Profound study medical disciplines.
    • Opportunity to visit the real operations with patients. By the way, the professionals from institute have earned strong trust and credibility of the region citizens, so 30% of operations re carried out in university clinics.
    • Relatively low price for education. If you compare European prices with Ivano-Frankivsk price for studies, you can be pleasantly surprised. Considering that the knowledge level is not below then there, it’s really worthy and great opportunity to become a professional.
    • Flexible choice of TOEFL/IELTS. You are entitled to refuse this exam, because the university administration understands that for many students English is the only connecting link between them and the incoming information.

Other benefits and details you can ask on email: info@ifnmu.com.ua

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